Dr. Jackie on Family Circle: Annoying Allergy Problems Solved

Annoying Allergy Problems Solved by Expert Allergy Doctor

Dr. Jackie quoted by Family CircleDr. Jackie Eghrari-Sabet gives an expert advice to put an end to the allergy symptoms that are driving you crazy in an article by Jessica Girdwain in the April 2014 issue of Family Circle:

I never had allergies before—but I sure do now. What happened?

Just because you weren’t sneezy as a teen doesn’t mean you’ll have an allergy-free adulthood. Eczema as an infant, wheezing as a baby or recurrent ear or sinus infections may have been signs of seasonal allergies to come, says Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet, M.D., founder of Family Allergy & Asthma Care in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Environmental factors can also trigger them, so a change of location could be your undoing.

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