Our patients love us!

Our patients love us! Read our patients’ reviews!

Here you can read our most recent patients’ reviews!

Yelp 5 Star ReviewI have had allergies and asthma virtually my entire life. I have been to multiple allergy offices while living in three different states. I have to say overall this is the best. Great doctor, P.A. and staff. Friendly and professional. Due to their care this is the best I have felt since I can remember. ~Chris T., Google+ Review


Yelp 5 Star Review   I have known Dr. Jackie for a number of years, so when my daughter was discovered to have food allergies at age 1.5 (she is now 15), I took her directly to Jackie. We have been going to her ever since. My daughter’s allergies to peanuts and a variety of tree nuts are fairly severe, and Dr. Jackie has been of enormous help for years, both with testing and advice. I trust her completely. You can trust her too.
~ Roya B., Yelp Review, 8/19/2014

Yelp 5 Star ReviewVery knowledgeable and a great doctor. I have known about her for many years and have only heard great things.
~Farah F., Yelp Review, 8/7/2014


Yelp 5 Star Review

Dr. Eghrari-Sabet is a superb allergy doctor, who helped me and my family. I really appreciated her great knowledge of the subject and willingness to go extra mile in helping her patients.I recommend her as the best allergy doctor. ~Aleksey S., Google+ Review

Yelp 5 Star Review

Very professional office. Doctors are amazing. I highly recommend this practice. ~Barney B., Yelp Reviw


Yelp 5 Star Review    I came to see Dr. Eghrari-Sabet shortly after I had a bad allergic reaction. After doing some research and with recommendation from my PCP I chose to see Dr. Eghrari-Sabet. Her and the office staff were extremely welcoming and made my experience at Family ENT, Allergy & Asthma Center very positive. I would highly recommend anyone with allergies (especially ones as severe as mine) to make an appointment with Dr. Eghrari-Sabet! ~Ellie B., Yelp Review

Yelp 5 Star Review

Love this practice! Very knowledgeable. ~ John M. Google+ review



Yelp 5 Star Review   Dr. Egrahri is wonderful! I have been going to this practice for almost a year and everyone there is wonderful! I’ve seen both doctors and the nurse practitioner – all excellent. Dr. Egrahri is currently treating me for chronic idiopathic hives, which is a very frustrating condition. But with Dr. Egrahri I feel like she is really in this with me. She always takes her time at our appointments and explains everything to me very clearly. I never feel rushed. She has even taken time out of her day to meet with me when I’ve only come in for an allergy shot. She truly makes you feel like you are her #1 priority.

The office staff there is also great. During one visit I had my five year old daughter with me. I needed to wait at the office for two hours to ensure I didn’t have an adverse reaction to my first allergy shot. The receptionist offered to put a kids show on the tv to keep my daughter occupied! What a nice thing to do! It made the wait easier on both of us.

I truly couldn’t recommend Dr. Egrahri and her staff more!! They are top notch!! ~Erin O.,  Yelp Review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewMy older daughter had allergy-like symptoms so I decided to take her to the best allergy doctor I know. Not surprisingly, she was treated promptly and professionally. The prescribed medication worked like a charm! I highly recommend this doctor and her office! ~Mitko G., Yelp Review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewI have been a patient for quite a while now. I got skin tested at my first visit, i suffer from terrible seasonal allergies and Dr. Eghrari at the time recommended me to start allergy shots. I didn’t hesitate. I am really satisfied ever since i decided to start shots, my allergies are well under control. The doctors and NP are very friendly so as the staff and the people at the front desk, are so welcoming. ~Gabriella T., Yelp Review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewDr Eghrari-Sabet has been a life saver to our family. I disturbed a bees’ nest and was stung 17 times one summer. Dr E-S took an urgent call from me regarding symptoms I was feeling and prescribed the right medicine to relieve those symptoms.. Ten days later, I was very slick, pain in all my joints, and Dr. E-S immediately diagnosed that problem as “serum sickness” caused by the body’s reaction to the bee stings. Everyone else thought it was the flu. She was right. Dr. E-S encouraged me to keep an epi-pen close by (even though I was not allergic to bees) in case I was stung again. Sometimes, you can develop an allergy after being stung. Sure enough, I was stung by a bull-hornet months later and it put me into shock. Thanks to Dr. E-S, I was ready. Always grateful for the extra care and Dr E-S’s personal interest in her patients. ~Jenifer A., Yelp Review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewI have been a patient with the practice for 2 years. My allergies have been under control since I started my allergy injections. The doctors , nurse practitioner, and staff are very welcoming and informal. I am very impress with this practice. Keep up the good work FAAC! ~Gaby C., Yelp Review


Yelp 5 Star Review Words can’t describe my appreciation for the care you provide to my father. As suspected my fathers condition was complicated and he has a few issues going on at the same time. You took your time to explain to us all aspects of your diagnosis medically as well as in terms that we could understand and relate too. You were extremely knowledgeable at more than your field of study/speciality. His apt was at 3pm and yet you were still able to write your observation and communicate your recommendations to his primary care physician in time for his 8:45am apt the next day. Thats in its self is impressive!!! We left your office saying there needs to be more professional, caring, and most important knowledgeable doctors in this world. A great big THANK YOU! Denise and Oscar. ~RateMD Review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewAwesome Doctors, and staff. Very professional, honest, knowledgeable, and respectful. ~RateMD Review



Yelp 5 Star ReviewDr. Eghrari-Sabet is outstanding. She is clearly very well educated and experienced in dealing with asthma as well as allergies. She has provided excellent service for my mother, my daughter and myself. She was able to properly diagnose each of us and prescribed us with medications that actually produced wonderful results. She is very cordial and my mom could not stop talking about how pleasant the visit at Dr. Eghrari-Sabet’s was. She is clearly very experienced in dealing with allergies and asthma among children and that makes enormous difference for any parent. Her staff is also very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Eghrari-Sabet for allergy and asthma diagnostics and treatment for anyone in the area! ~RateMD review


Yelp 5 Star ReviewStaff very helpful. Dr. E was the best. Listened and asked questions to get to the bottom of my issue. Very pleasant experience from appt to prescription. ~RateMD Review






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