Top 10 reasons to tackle your allergies now

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Another Awful Allergy Season?

Allergy season is nearly here, and this year could be particularly tough due to all the snow we’ve had. In this NBC4 video, Dr. Jackie Eghrari-Sabet of Family ENT, Allergy & Asthma Center in Gaithersburg says the snow means dampness — which means mold. Here’s what to do.

Top 10 reasons to tackle your allergies now!
Top 10 reasons to tackle your allergies now!

Top 10 reasons to tackle your allergies now.

  1. Sinusitis:  Sinus infections are often due to allergy run amok and gone out of control
  2. Trigger a migraine:  Allergies that flare can trigger migraines (so bad that you will throw up and grab your head)
  3. Asthma:  Allergy can absolutely trigger asthma attack.
  4. DUI:  taking the wrong allergy meds can get you arrested for driving under the influence (of a sedating med)   so don’t just think you can pop a Benadryl.
  5. Failing a test /get sent to the principals office:  Allergy unchecked makes it hard for your child to learn while they are blowing their nose and not paying attention to class.  It effects your hearing (clogged ears) and makes you irritable hence you get sent to principals office.
  6. Sleep disturbance:  all that clogged nose makes it so you don’t sleep, hence the next day you are a wreck.
  7. Depression: allergy increases risk of depression.
  8. Short stature: all that poor sleep means you don’t release growth hormone, hence a child wont grow as well or as fast.
  9. Pink eye/ vision problems:  all that itching in your eye can get you infected.
  10. Effect your sex life — 85% of adults with allergy says it does effect their sex life.  Why?  All that wheezing and sneezing (not to mention snoring and snorting) makes you “not in the mood” and most definitely not attractive.

So the point being — go get your allergies under control at the beginning of the season, don’t just let it run its course. Its really nothing to sneeze at, it is so much more than a runny nose.

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